An organization will beĀ as big as the consciousness that leads it.

That's why our first priority is You.


We Ask You To Self-Reflect

We ask our clients to self-reflect, by considering these three questions:
1. How strongly do you want to transform?
2. How intensely do you want to work?
3. What are you willing to give up in order to reach your goal?

It is common to encounter people and organizations that desire transformation, but who, when they arrive at the point where decisive and unchangeable action must be taken, back away and refuse to move forward. Much of this resistance to change or fear of growth is unconscious--but of course impacts their reality. We therefore seek to have our clients be self-aware throughout the entire process. This involves having realistic expectations of what they might encounter (both within themselves and within the organization), and anticipating as well as preparing for any hard decisions ahead of time.


Acknowledging People And Principles

We know that an organization is essentially: a group of People, acting in accordance with a set of governing Principles.

We know that you cannot change one without the other. We also know that people have innate resistance to change. As you seek to redefine the Principles, we help you to also support the People.


Acknowledging Your Network As Part Of Your Reality

You and your business are not wholly independent entities. Rather, you exist within the network of your industry--other companies, other people. If one piece of the network tries to change, then it will be impacted by the reaction of the others. The entire network must be at least informed of your changes, and perhaps even share in them, for the greatest success.